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Thank you to all teams who attended and competed in the 23rd Annual Kickoff Tournament. There was a lot of great baseball played and we look forward to seeing you again next year. 


Home Run Derby Results are In!

Congratulations to our winners of the home run derby. Thank you to everyone who participated.

U14 - Champion
Cody Pappadakis - Genoa City Predators (6)
Runner Up
Marco Falletti - Genoa City Predators (5)

U13 - Champion
Tyler Banach - Screaming Eagles (4)
Runner Up
Joshua Hansen - Screaming Eagles (3)

U12 Champion
Connor Harvie - Screaming Eagles (8)
Runner Up
Ben Doherty - Screaming Eagles (6)

U11 Champion
Hayden Milosh - Hitters (9)
Runner Up
Jacob Graf - Hitters (2)

U10 Champion
Kyle Neilbrend - Screaming Eagles (6)
Runner Up
Brody Nessman - Screaming Eagles (4)

U9 Champion
Keighan Fritch - Muskego Warriors (4)
Runner Up
Brenden Herda - Screaming Eagles (3)


Screaming Eagles Baseball

The Screaming Eagles youth baseball teams are made from select players from the Wind Lake, Muskego, Waterford and surrounding areas. Our teams will start at the U8 age level and go through U16 in 2019.

The main purpose of the Screaming Eagles is to develop youth baseball players who want to play competitive baseball while developing their skills.  We strive to positively represent Wind Lake and surrounding communities and help develop our players to prepare for high school baseball.  All of our travel teams play in baseball tournaments throughout the summer months.  We start playing baseball tournaments during May and finish playing sometime during July. Many of our players can be found playing for their high schools or on other senior level teams.

Every year our Screaming Eagles U12 players journey to Cooperstown, NY as well. This is a week long adventure that allows our youth players to experience a truly “once in a lifetime” event. Our U12 team will play games all week long against other U12 tournament teams from across the country.  The competition is excellent and so are the memories!  Each team has the dream of being the best team for that given week.  The tournament starts with 104 teams and ends with 1.

The Screaming Eagles don’t only play in youth baseball tournaments, most will also play in baseball leagues during the summer. Many of our teams participate in Wisconsin’s M.A.J.O.R. or WBA Leagues which are two of the best in Wisconsin. Some of our teams also elect to play youth fall baseball.  If you’re interested in trying out for one of our teams, please contact us – all kids are welcome as there are no residency requirements!

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Screaming Eagles Baseball